VoIP Migration – The FCC Angle

Repost of March 10, 2014 Blog

I just read an article entitled “First Major Move Made in FCC VoIP Phone System Migration” at www.tmcnet.com/topics/articles/2014/03/05/372333-fcc-makes-major-move-get-ip-migration-underway.htm. As many of you are aware the FCC is committed to a full IP transition starting this year.  The article references FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler in his blog stating “the way forward is to encourage technological change while preserving the attributes of network services that customers have come to expect,”  The deadline has just passed for phone companies to submit proposals to enable them to participate in this process and it will be interesting to see what they have to say. Reports referred to in the article state that changes are “going to be aimed at measuring consumers’ perceptions and acceptance of the technology and how it performs, specifically under emergency conditions”.


We are confident that at least some of the telephone companies submitting proposals to the FCC will be looking at the Portico™ TVA™ as part of this process. Incorporating the Portico™ TVA™ into any VoIP migration plan allows end users to check out the technology without having to make a full blown commitment to the process while giving them the ability to get back out if necessary. We all know that once tested the concerns regarding VoIP discussed, especially regarding QoS, disappear but getting the end user to buy in requires subtle assistance. Thus using the Portico™ TVA™ to get concerned end users to test the system utilizing their own existing equipment routed to the IP PBX helps them to get over that hurdle. It also ensures that the move happens with the least amount of inconvenience and given the customer a proven experience with existing equipment. Changes to the services provided can be introduced after initial skepticism has been overcome.