Expandable Digital to Analog Converter

In addition to the most robust portfolio of VoIP migration solutions for enterprises available today, Citel also manufactures the Expandable Digital to Analog Converter (EDAC) call center recording signal translation device.

For EDACs outside Europe

Expandable Digital to Analog Converter (EDAC)

Call recording is a standard industry practice to enable quality service, training, security, transaction verification, and emergency services applications.

MCK (now part of Citel) pioneered solutions that convert digital PBX/KTS signals for call recording on standard analog equipment. Our industry-leading EDAC monitors all line appearances on the desktop handset and then reformat digitized information into a standard analog format required by most enterprise-grade recording equipment.


Key Features

The EDAC monitors all line appearances on the telephone set and reformats the digitized information into the standard 600 ohm analog format required by most recording equipment. The unit passively captures both sides of a conversation and sends audio to the recorder only when a telephone call is active.

An EDAC base unit can go online with just one port card. The user adds cards as needed. Multiple base units can be combined to handle any size installation. Citel’s EDAC resides entirely in the switch room and may be wall or rack mounted. Hardware is easily installed without disconnecting the switch or disrupting service, and requires little costly wiring.

Key Benefits

Secure Installation

The EDAC installs securely in the telephone room with no additional wiring or cables running to desktop phone sets. Users cannot disconnect the recorder.

EDAC base units contain twelve individual port cards. Units can be expanded or serviced one port at a time.

Convenient and Flexible

EDAC allows greater than industry average line lengths. It is ideal for multi-floor or multibuilding installations.

Base units can be mounted on the wall or installed in a standard rack.

Globally Compatible

EDAC works with both 115- and 230-volt power supplies. It is UL, cUL, CE Mark, and FCC compliant. In addition, it is A Law and u Law compatible.

EDAC is compatible with a wide variety of PBX/KTS types, including systems from: Alcatel, Aspect, Avaya, Ericsson, NEC, Nortel, Panasonic, Siemens


With legacy products including the first digital-to-analog converters for recording (1987), Citel today leads the field with the widest assortment of licensed switch interfaces and the largest installed base of any manufacturer.