Return of the “Two Call” Close

When selling Hosted IP seats to enterprise customers, what adds complexity and decision-making cycles to a relative straightforward offer?

If cost-savings are evident, if the benefits of IP telephony fit into their growth strategy, and if the business case for migration to IP is sound, what inhibits the customer from making a decision quickly about your Hosted IP offer?

Citel’s Portico™ TVA™ reduces or eliminates the most common objections you’re likely to receive when selling high-value Hosted IP seats to enterprise customers. Reduced objections means increased sales success, as well as shortened decision making cycles.

A New Paradigm for Hosted IP.

Leading with Citel is a new paradigm for Hosted IP service providers targeting fast growth and profitability. The strategy is simple: focus on rich features, services and benefits as the centerpiece of your offer. Then simplify the enterprise migration to IP by removing the most common barriers to success:

  • New, expensive IP screen phones, even when they’re not necessary to obtain the benefits of IP telephony.
  • Complex, expensive LAN assessments.
  • Expensive new LAN infrastructure, capable of delivering Power over Ethernet (PoE) to previously mentioned IP screen phones.
  • Business disruption during the migration for installation of new handsets, Cat 5 cabling, new LAN infrastructure.
  • Extensive retraining on new equipment.


Under the old paradigm, every one of these barriers must be overcome before the enterprise can realize the benefits of your Hosted IP service. And you can close the real sale — feature-rich Hosted IP seats.

Even “We just deployed a PBX two years ago” is no longer an objection.

Selling Hosted IP with Citel is straightforward and transparent to the enterprise customer, even if they are in the middle of the PBX “buy cycle”. Existing digital PBX handsets and wiring remains in place. Handset wiring connects to the Citel Portico TVA, and directly to your Hosted IP network, avoiding the enterprise LAN completely. Telephony features on your Hosted IP platform are seamlessly passed through the Portico TVA to existing buttons on digital PBX handsets, and more complex, graphic-intensive applications are delivered to desktop or laptop computers.