Service Providers

Service Providers

Return of the “Two Call” Close

First Sales Call: Present the value of your Hosted IP offer. Second Sales Call: Close the sale and bring the customer online. With Citel, the dynamics of growing your Hosted IP business change. Radically.

Eliminate the Objections

Long sales cycles for Hosted IP are not the result of the high-value services and cost savings enterprises stand to gain from your network. Objections are related to the high cost of LAN assessments, new LAN infrastructure, and new IP phones that are sold before the customer is brought online – adding time, cost and complexity to a relatively straightforward sale.

With Citel’s Portico™ TVA™, your customer’s existing PBX handsets and wiring connect directly to your SIP-based Hosted IP platform. PBX handsets already in place instantly gain the functionality of IP phones. And the LAN is avoided altogether.

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ARPU: Accelerated Revenue Per User

The traditional definition of ARPU is Average Revenue Per User. The metric is a critical success component of Hosted IP service providers – driving high-value Hosted IP subscribers to higher ARPU. However, ARPU means nothing until the enterprise customer is on your network, benefiting from your service.

Avoid the LAN

Traditional Hosted IP sales models often slow the sales process, no matter how compelling the offer. LAN assessments, proposals, and sales of new LAN gear and IP handsets add complexity for sales teams, and can dilute your Hosted IP offer.

Citel changes the definition of ARPU, accelerating revenue generation by reducing the complexity of your Hosted IP offer. Using Citel’s Portico™ TVA™, enterprise customers connect existing PBX handsets directly to your Hosted IP platform, avoiding the LAN altogether. Existing PBX handsets become IP handsets. Sales teams focus on closing high-value Hosted IP seats and increasing market share faster.

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Citel’s VoIP Migration Suite for Service Providers

Each enterprise is unique when it comes to the migration to IP telephony.

Citel offers service providers the world’s broadest suite of VoIP migration solutions to add greater value, retain and keep profitable enterprise customers, and grow revenue. No matter what phase of the migration they are in.

Build Real IP Migration Value

Thousands of enterprises already utilize Citel products to easily and affordably migrate to IP telephony. Portico™ TVA™ connects legacy PBX handsets and LAN cabling to premise-based IP PBX hardware and Hosted IP networks. EXTenders and PBXgateways allow the features of a central PBX to be distributed to branch offices, call centers, home-based workers, and even mobile devices. Either as stand-alone solutions or as components of a broader managed solutions offering, Citel products are a smart addition to the catalog of any next-generation service provider.

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