Portico™ Telephone VoIP Adpater (TVA™) Feature Pack 2 Available July 23, 2007


Citel is pleased to announce availability of several new features, released as Feature Pack 2, for its award-winning Portico™ Telephone VoIP Adapter (TVA™). New features in this release include the following:

  • Bulk Configuration Tool
  • Handset-based call log
  • Handset-based directory
  • Click-to-call integration
  • RFC4733 support for DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) over RTP (real-time transport protocol)
  • Ericsson handset interoperability


Citel’s Portico TVA was released in February 2007. It is a network-edge device that enables delivery of VoIP features and applications to digital (PBX), P phone (Centrex), and analog handsets, over existing cabling. Feature pack 2 adds robust end user productivity features as well as additional handset interoperability. The Pack is pre-loaded on all newly manufactured Portico TVA units, and existing units can be upgraded in the field through Citel’s Support Wizard.

Feature Pack Item Descriptions

1. Bulk Configuration Tool – With the new Bulk Configuration Tool, the system administrator may configure the Portico TVA units, continuous extension numbers, and the default directory all at once, instead of one extension at a time. The Bulk Configuration Tool is a stand-alone tool that dramatically reduces the amount of time necessary to configure Portico TVA to the new VoIP call control platform and existing handsets.

2. Handset-based Call Log – Call logs are a common feature on IP call control platforms (accessible only to the system administrator) as well as wireless devices and home phones. Feature Pack 2 introduces handset-based call logs to allow end users to easily identify missed calls and find recently dialed numbers. Users with any phone that has preprogrammed
buttons for log scrolling may:

    • Browse their call log for missed, received, and previously made calls
    • One-button dial any number in the log

3. Handset-based Directory – Feature Pack 2 also enables directory number look-up with the same scroll buttons used to review call logs. In addition, users may add directory entries that are only visible from their own phone display. One-button dialing is available to any directory extension or number when it is showing in the display.

4. Click-to-call Integration – For those users who prefer to use a web-based tool for one-touch dialing, Feature Pack 2 includes click-to-call integration. First, the user installs the call control platform vendor’s click-to-call feature on a compatible desktop application such as Outlook, BroadWorks® CommPilot™, or trixBox® with SugarCRM. Once installed, anytime the user invokes the click-to-call feature the Portico TVA unit will automatically dial the user’s phone and then the selected extension or phone number. This feature is compatible with all TVA-compatible handsets and VoIP call control platforms from:

    • Asterisk
    • Broadworks®

5. RFC4733 Support for DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) over RTP (real-time transport protocol) – VoIP sends voice over the Internet in packets, the same as data, but until recently, DTMF was sent only as tones. An IP network frequently distorts or otherwise degrades the DTMF tones, however, resulting in incomplete calls and unresponsiveness to key-menu selections. Portico TVA now utilizes the new IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) standard RFC4733, which attaches a “telephoneevent” data packet to DTMF tones. This packet, which separately identifies the tones, volume, and duration, is read by the receiving endpoint and eliminates degraded DTMF tones. The tones are still sent as well so they may be read by endpoints that do not yet utilize the new IETF standard.

6. Ericsson Handset Support – In addition to the numerous handsets from Avaya, NEC, Nortel, Panasonic, and Toshiba that Portico TVA already supports, Feature Pack 2 introduces interoperability with the following popular Ericsson handsets:

DBC 201
DBC 211
DBC 214
DBC 202
DBC 212
DBC 214 Plus
DBC 203
DBC 213
DBC 220
DBC 210
DBC 213 Plus
DBC 222
Add-on Modules
DBY 409 key module
DBY 410/02 headset adaptor


Affected Citel Products


Product Name
Model Description
Product Code
Portico TVA12A
12-port analog-compatible, 0 FXO
1 – 4
12-port analog-compatible,1 FXO
1 – 4
12-port analog-compatible, 2 FXO
1 – 4
Portico TVA24A
24-port analog-compatible, 0 FXO
1 – 4
24-port analog-compatible, 1 FXO
1 – 4
24-port analog-compatible, 2 FXO
1 – 4
Portico TVA12D
12-port digital-compatible. 0 FXO
12-port digital-compatible, 1 FXO
12-port digital-compatible, 2 FXO
Portico TVA24D
24-port digital-compatible, 0 FXO
24-port digital-compatible, 1 FXO
24-port digital-compatible, 2 FXO
Portico TVA12P
12-port P phone-compatible, 0 FXO
1 – 4
12-port P phone-compatible, 1 FXO
1 – 4
12-port P phone-compatible, 2 FXO
1 – 4
Portico TVA24P
24-port P phone-compatible, 0 FXO
1 – 4
24-port P phone-compatible, 1 FXO
1 – 4
24-port P phone-compatible, 2 FXO
1 – 4