EXTender 1000

EXTender™ 1000

Extend the features and functionality of a central PBX to home-based workers with analog lines.

Key Features

Citel’s EXTender 1000 gives teleworkers and other single users seamless remote access to the corporate voice and data networks and associated applications. The EXTender 1000 is a smart choice for enterprises managing remote workers lacking a broadband Internet connection.

Setup and configuration are straightforward. Simply connect EXTender 1000 Remote Units at the remote location over an analog POTS line, and EXTender 1000 Switch Units at the central PBX location. For larger deployments, multiple EXTender 1000s can be connected to a compatible Citel PBXgateway. Either way, installation is plug-and-play, and set-up is easily accomplished using the phone display or a PC.


Key Benefits

Increased Productivity

Teleworkers and other remote employees are able to access PBX/KTS dial tone, receive office-bound calls, and invoke business calling features such as internal dialing, transfer, hold, and conference. Users who also maintain a workstation at the corporate office can provide callers with a single reach number, and enjoy the convenience of one voice mailbox for all messages. And the easy system maintenance frees up your IT staff’s valuable time as well.

Cost Savings

Telecommunication costs fall by up to 30 % just by administering all PBX users from a single location and platform. And with access to internal (four-digit) dialing, there are no toll charges when calling any office within the enterprise, regardless of physical location. Further, placing regular long-distance and international calls through the corporate voice system keeps all employees on a unified dialing plan.


The EXTender 1000 interoperates with all leading PBX/KTS systems. Your enterprise can leverage its existing PBX or KTS to connect remote users to the corporate voice system. The EXTender 1000 is also an affordable, scalable solution for additional teleworkers or other single users. Additional users can be easily added with a standard EXTender 1000 configuration at the remote location, and a second EXTender 1000 or other Gateway port at the PBX.