TVA Peripherals

Citel has two options for TVA Peripherals that are shown below.

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The Citel™ CITELLink™ SIP Session Gateway Controller

The Citel™ CITELLink™ SIP Session Gateway Controller provides next-generation IP PBX interoperability for legacy PBX telephones across multiple vendor lines. This system is designed for large service providers, providing next generation cloud based telephony services.

This system is designed for carriers or large service providers offering a Hosted PBX solution.

The CITELLink™ SIP Session Gateway Controller communicates in legacy PBX protocol to traditional telephone handsets and Internet Protocol to a Hosted IP Centrex Service, using Session Initiated Protocol (SIP), and performs the translation between the two simultaneously. CITELLink™ can integrate existing, diverse legacy equipment, from multiple locations, into a seamless enterprise voice network with centralized administration and shared voice applications.

A CITELLink™ SIP Session Gateway Controller is designed with standards-based communication protocols to ensure a seamless transition for legacy platforms and provide the necessary bridge to enable an easy migration to next generation IP and SIP applications. CITELLink™ offers provisioning integration with leading VoIP application server technology and provides the management tools needed for effective carrier scale operations.

Rugged Portico™ TVA™ Enclosure

Designed to protect electronics in marine/shipping, coastal, solar, windmill, traffic, railroad, irrigation, pharmaceutical, roadside, water treatment and other extreme conditions!

  • Non-metallic
  • NEMA rated (2, 3, 3R, 3S, 4) and RoHS compliant
  • Mounting systems allow hinges to be left or right
  • Doors are both pad-lockable and screw-down
  • DIN rails and Pole-Mount Kits available for all models
  • Temperature controlled enclosures – Units have air conditioning.
    Heaters can be added

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