Module EXTender

Extend the reach of your Norstar® system to different floors or different buildings. The Mod-EXTender extends features and functionality of a central Norstar PBX to a remote site, over Multi Mode fiber. Leverage existing Norstar® PBX infrastructure investments, centralize voice network administration, and enjoy dramatic monthly telecom savings with Citel’s affordable, Mod-EXTender.

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Key Benefits

You can save the cost of adding telco lines, and installing another PBX. It also increases efficiency by having the main and remote site all operate as one Norstar® phone system. Since it’s all in one phone system, voice mails can be transferred, calls transferred, internally. Citel’s Mod-EXTender is plug and play. No configuration is required.

Greater efficiency, and cost savings, compared to installing a Norstar® at the remote site.

Key Features

Extends the reach of Norstar® Station Modules over 1.9 miles.

  • Allows expansion of older 8 x 24 modular Norstars®.
  • Allows sharing of system features and peripherals.
  • Increases reliability and helps control wiring costs.
  • Interoperates with BCM and Norstar®.

Increased Productivity
Users up to 1.9 miles from the KTS get fully featured digital sets and all corporate KTS features and applications.

Network Efficiency
Unified system approach provides a more efficient use of network resources. Simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance by providing a common network access point.

Cost Effectiveness
No costly specialized devices for loop protection required. Cost savings from reduced wiring requirements.

Flexible Configurations
Single remote locations, or up to 10 remote locations in a star configuration.

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