EXTender™ IP6000

The Citel EXTender IP6000 is designed for distributed enterprises with legacy PBX investments, but anticipating upgrading to an IP PBX or Hosted IP platform within two years. To deploy Citel’s EXTender IP6000 solution with the existing PBX, simply install one or more units at each branch office, and compatible Citel PBXgateways at the PBX location.

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Key Benefits

The EXTender IP6000 enables seamless access to the features and applications of a central corporate PBX, with future upgradability to TVA functionality. It works with leading PBX platforms and digital handsets over an IP or managed network. Installation is plug-and-play, and setup is easily accomplished via a PC connection with an intuitive setup menu.

Gradual IP Telephony Migration Solution for Distributed Enterprises.

Increased Productivity
Branch office and other remote employees use fully featured digital sets to access PBX/KTS dial tone, receive office-bound calls, and invoke business calling features such as internal dialing, transfer, hold, and conference. The easy system maintenance frees up valuable time and resources for IT and telecom staff.

Cost Savings
Telecommunication costs fall by up to 30% just by administering all PBX users from a single location and platform. And with access to internal (fourdigit) dialing, there are no toll charges when calling any office within the enterprise, regardless of physical location. Further, placing regular long-distance and international calls through the corporate voice system keeps all employees on a unified dialing plan. Finally, the same Citel product leverages investments in legacy desksets and LAN cabling in both traditional and IP PBX environments.

The EXTender IP6000 offers the ultimate in flexible IP telephony migration. Enterprises take the first step with an EXTender/PBXgateway deployment. When ready, they upgrade to an IP PBX or hosted IP platform, using the same Citel equipment to continue utilizing existing handsets and LAN cabling. In addition, the IP6000 scales easily and is ideal for offices with a few as five to as many as several hundred employees. When new employees are added, simply utilize an available IP6000 port or, when capacity is reached, add another IP6000.

Ease of Maintenance
System performance monitoring can be performed from a central location, and branch location moves, adds, and changes are greatly simplified. Network and feature permissions are controlled at the central location as if all employees were under one roof. The EXTender IP6000 can even be remotely managed through a variety of remote access options and user port configurations.

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