EXTender ™ 6000

In enterprises with multiple locations, remote office PBX or KTS systems often lack many of the features, applications, and connectivity of the headquarters location. With the Citel EXTender 6000, remote offices and workers have seamless access to the corporate voice network, regardless of geographic location.

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Key Benefits

ll employees utilize a single, unified PBX platform, increasing productivity and reducing operational expenditures. The EXTender 6000 is available in both 8-port and 12-port configurations. Both have optional FXO ports for PSTN access to 911 emergency services and survivability if broadband access is interrupted.

Extend the features and functionality of a central PBX to home-based workers with analog lines.

Increased Productivity
Branch office and other remote employees use the same full-featured digital sets as the central location to access PBX/KTS dial tone, receive office-bound calls, and invoke business calling features such as internal dialing, transfer, hold, and conference. Straightforward configuration and management allows IT and telecom staff to focus on employee productivity, instead of remote voice system maintenance.

Cost Savings
Telecommunication costs fall by up to 30% just by administering all PBX users from a single location and platform. And with access to internal (four-digit) dialing, there are no toll charges when calling any extension within the enterprise, regardless of physical location. Further, placing regular long-distance and international calls through the corporate voice system keeps all employees on a unified dialing plan.

The EXTender 6000 is available in 8-port or 12-port configurations, and is ideal in offices with as few as five to as many as several hundred employees. It easily scales with the growth of the enterprise: when new employees are added, simply utilize an available EXTender port or, when capacity is reached, add another EXTender. In addition, the EXTender 6000 supports several voice compression rates, allowing the enterprise to select the rate best for its network.

Ease of Maintenance
Moves, adds, and changes at branch locations can be performed from a central location, as can system performance monitoring. Network and feature permissions are controlled at the central location as if all employees were under one roof. The EXTender 6000 can even be remotely managed through a variety of remote access options and user port configurations.

Components Included with the Unit:

  • CD with installations instructions or Install Manual
  • Mounting ears, for rack, and wall (one set of ears)
  • Power cable
  • WAN cable (for CSU/DSU connection) DB25
  • Ethernet cable
  • 9 pin console cable

Additional Components Required:

  • Amphenol cable (cable’s female end to attach to male Unit connector)
  • Wall block to mate with amphenol cable

To deploy Citel’s EXTender 6000 solution, simply install one or more units at each branch office, and a compatible Citel PBXgateway® at the corporate location. The EXTender 6000 works with leading PBX platforms and digital handsets over T1, ISDN, Frame Relay, and IP connections.

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