EXTender ™ 4100

Distributed enterprises utilizing a central PBX with advanced features and applications require IP migration solutions that leverage existing infrastructure investments, but also pave a road to the future of IP telephony. Citel’s EXTender™ and PBXgateway™ product suite accomplishes both objectives.

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Key Benefits

Branch offices, call centers, mobile workers, and home-based workers connect to the corporate voice network over an IP network, while the enterprise extends the useful life of the existing PBX.

Extend the features and functionality of a central PBX to SOHO (small office/home office) workers with IP lines.

Increased Productivity
Teleworkers and other remote employees use full-featured digital handsets to access central PBX dial tone, receive office-bound calls, and invoke business calling features such as internal dialing, transfer, hold, and conference. Users who also maintain a workstation at the corporate office can provide callers with a single reach number, and have the convenience of one voice mailbox for all messages. And easy configuration and system maintenance frees valuable time for your IT staff.

Cost Savings
Telecommunication costs fall by up to 30% just by administering all PBX users from a single location and platform. And with access to internal (four-digit) dialing, there are no toll charges when calling any office within the enterprise, regardless of physical location. Further, placing regular long-distance and international calls through the corporate voice system keeps all employees on a unified dialing plan.

The EXTender 4100 series interoperates with Avaya’s most popular PBX platforms, along with Nortel and Ericsson platforms. Enterprises leverage their existing PBX investment to centralize all users on a single voice platform. The 4100 Series is scalable to the capacity of the central PBX. New employees are added quickly and easily by utilizing a gateway port at the PBX, and an EXTender and digital handset at the employee’s location.

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