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Technical Support Requests

Keep your voice platform running smoothly with world-class support from Citel. We offer exceptional technical support and warranty services to end users and Citel Authorized Business Partners for our entire suite of VoIP Migration products.

At Citel, our primary goal is to ensure your EXTender™, PBXgateway™, Portico™, TVA™, EDAC, and Module EXTenders are operational and productive. We offer a number of support and training options for end users for products purchased through authorized channels.

Citel offers free online and telephone technical support services for end users during the first year of ownership of new product and for six months on all repaired and advanced replacement products (these items are considered within warranty). Citel offers telephone support and factory repair services, including advance replacement if needed.

Support Documentation

Product Installation Manuals & Troubleshooting Guides for:

  • Portico™ TVA™
  • EXTender™ / PBXgateway™
  • TVA Peripherals
  • EDAC
  • Module EXTender
Citel Technical Support:

North America: 1-877-248-3587
International: 1-206-957-6270

Obtaining technical support for equipment not covered under warranty.

If your EXTender™, PBXgateway™, Portico™, TVA™, EDAC or Module EXTender requires technical support or repair, your number one priority is to quickly return it to working service. Your dealer or reseller may be able to help, or if you purchased the item directly or through an authorized partner you can contact Citel directly.

Citel offers telephone support and factory repair services, including advance replacement if needed.

For all out of warranty products, technical support will be provided on an hourly-rate basis. In many cases, your Technical Support Representative can remotely diagnose and correct the issue. However, if it is determined the equipment requires factory repair, Citel will issue an RMA (Return Material Authorization) and can generally complete repairs within 14 business days.

A repair quote will be provided upon request. Your options will be discussed with you before any charges are incurred. Citel is unable to provide support or firmware upgrades to any equipment purchased on the grey market.

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