IP Phone Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the Citel C-4110 IP Phone support Auto Provisioning?


Answer: Yes it does. “Please click here for instructions



Question: My Citel C-4110 Phone had an error when loading new firmware and now is stuck in POST MODE. Can I fix this?


Answer: When the phone enters into the POST MODE, it means an error occurred when upgrading the firmware. To fix this you might need to re-load the correct firmware using the  FTP server again.  “Please click here for instructions



Question: Does the Citel C-4110 IP Phone support VPN L2TP protocol?


Answer: Yes it does The VPN setup steps are as follow:

a. Select the L2TP

b. Fill in the VPN Server Addr, VPN User Name, VPN Password

c. Enable the VPN

d. If the VPN connects, the Citel C-4110 IP Phone will get IP display on   VPN IP



Question: Does the C-4110 IP Phone support 802.3af 10/100M PoE?


Answer: Yes it does.



Question: The Transfer Button does not work under IAX2 on the C-4110 IP phone. Is there any way to enable that function?


Answer: To do a transfer under IAX2 you need to define a program key as follows:

a. Login admin page and go to Phone – >FUNCTION KEY – > Memory Key Setting;

b. Change the Memory Key Setting to DTMF;

c. Enter the transfer number.



Question:  I am having trouble with the password settings under IAX2 on the C-4110 IP Phone. Are there any restrictions?


Answer: At the current time the password can only contain letters and numbers. You cannot use any special function keys such as “@”



Question: I am having trouble registering the IAX2 line to Asterisk. How do I fix it?


Answer: Please check the version of Asterisk you are using. The fix for Asterisk version 1.6 and  up or Elastix or FreePBX is to simply set the “require call token” field in the extension setup to “no”.



Question: How do I verify the version of firmware that I need?


Answer: For phones manufactured in 2010 and earlier the latest firmware is Release 2010.08.10.z. For phones manufactured in 2011 and after the latest firmware is Release 2011.08.31.z



Question: How do I know what year my phone was manufactured?


Answer:  Please check the manufacturing date on the phone label