Connect to an IP PBX

Take Control of Your VoIP Migration

The growth of IP telephony in both consumer and enterprise market segments has created not only buzz around the productivity and cost benefits of the technology, but a dizzying array of equipment and service offerings. But with an array of choices so expansive and complex, enterprises have a difficult time sifting hype from the meaningful impact Voice over IP can have.

What’s Keeping You?

Operational cost savings, application integration, web-based user administration, and increased productivity are just some of the benefits VoIP can provide for your enterprise. But only 30% of enterprises with less than 500 employees are considering or have migrated to IP telephony. Why?

Existing Equipment and Human Resources

Whether your enterprise deployed a new PBX eight months ago or 8 years ago, there is still value in much of the existing infrastructure. Most enterprises are unwilling to simply throw away handsets, wiring, and a trained user base.

Existing LAN Infrastructure

Voice over IP is a new application that commonly runs over Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure. If the enterprise LAN does not have a substantial amount of excess capacity, voice quality and data transmission can be adversely affected. Migrating to VoIP often means costly and time consuming LAN assessments and LAN upgrades for increased capacity and Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality.

Substantial Capital Equipment Expense

New IP handsets are just the beginning of the cost complexity enterprises face when migrating to a Hosted or Premise-based IP PBX. New Cat5 cabling, new LAN infrastructure, retraining, and business disruption can double or triple the per-station costs of a VoIP installation beyond the handset cost.

Business Case Uncertainty

Enterprises understand the tremendous impact IP telephony can have on their business. There are real cost savings and productivity benefits that can increase both market competitiveness and employee satisfaction. But when IP telephony as an application is combined with the additional time and capital expenditures required to make deployment a reality, enterprises think twice. Will the ROI and cost-savings claims be a reality? Or am I being sold a solution that does nothing but improve the revenues and profitability of my vendor?

Citel Delivers the IP Telephony Business Case

With Citel, all the benefits of IP telephony are realized in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost of a full “rip and replace” VoIP migration.

Simplified Migration to IP Telephony

With Citel’s Portico™ TVA™, existing PBX handsets connect directly to a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based on-premise IP PBX or Hosted IP telephony service provider. Citel can help you determine which type of deployment strategy – Hosted or premise-based – is best for you and the needs of your enterprise.

Greetings from a Familiar Face

After deployment and cutover, employees…go back to work. No new complex IP handsets to learn. No new processes for making, receiving, and transferring calls, or accessing voice mail. The handset is the same, and high-value enhanced applications and features enable new features on existing handset buttons or on the screen of a desktop or laptop.

85% of the Market’s PBX Handsets Supported

Citel’s Portico TVAs work with over 120 different PBX handset types. And we’re continually developing interfaces for new PBX handset types. A Citel representative can guide you through the existing handsets supported.

A Different Take On “Future Proof”

We’re certain of a couple things: no one knows the next great development in IP handsets. And your existing PBX handset is an investment already made. Now that existing digital PBX handsets can take on the same functions of brand new IP phones, why make an uncertain investment in rapidly evolving IP endpoints? And, why bet on the uncertainty of all new infrastructure? Citel makes it easy to obtain the benefits of IP telephony today, while the market for IP handsets develops into products with real business value.