Find the best path to Voice over IP


Find the best path to Voice over IP
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Connect Remote Offices to an Existing PBX

Connect remote locations worldwide with your existing PBX over IP, and build a seamless distributed enterprise. Citel’s EXTender and PBXgateway Legacy platforms enable the applications and features of a central PBX that can be distributed to individual stations of large branch offices or to single home-based workers.

Take Control of Your VoIP Migration

Citel’s Legacy Portico TVA enables organizations to deliver high-value Voice over IP features and applications to digital and analog PBX telephones already in place over existing infrastructure. Whether your enterprise deployed a new PBX eight months ago or 8 years ago, there is still value in the existing infrastructure. Citel Legacy products take advantage of this existing infrastructure.

Connect to a Hosted IP Service Provider

Hosted IP service providers shift the management and maintenance of your voice platform outside of your enterprise, enabling it to focus on core strengths. Citel’s Legacy Portico TVA connects existing digital and analog PBX telephones directly to a Hosted IP Service Provider, so your organization can quickly realize the cost and productivity benefits of IP telephony.

Reliable IT Services

You can trust the 30 years of experience that Citel has gathered during its participation and development in the Telecommunications Industry. Trust the CITEL Experts!