Citel’s Business Partner Programme

For Telecom Resellers & System Integrators in UK & Europe

Citel’s Business Partner Programme is designed to build your organization’s success in the rapidly growing market for cost-effective, productivity-enhancing enterprise VoIP solutions. Citel can give resellers what they need in several key areas:

  • Product benefits that convince customers
  • Profitability and ease of sell
  • Excellent training and support
  • Flexible configuration

Become a Citel Authorized Reseller

On the commercial side, Citel’s Authorized Reseller Agreement offers:

  • Lower unit pricing
  • Rebates on surpassing targets
  • Enhanced access to knowledge base & training
  • Citel Partner status

Citel Silver Partner is equipped & capable to design, implement and support VoIP solutions incorporating identified Citel products.

Citel Gold Partner will be working with a larger base of end customers typically using a wider range of Citel products.

Citel Diamond Partner is distributing & supporting Citel products into designated territories or market areas.

Citel solutions give end customers cost savings, flexibility and ease of migration – making the sell easier for resellers, and allowing them to compete on price without cutting margins.


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Citel provides training webinars and on-site training, and a private partner area of the website with enhanced information and latest software updates.

Citel also has a highly-experienced, technically knowledgeable UK support team which enables it to re-configure the product to suit user needs. There is out of hours support available from North America.

Where Citel Fits in Your Business

Citel’s Portico™ TVA, SIP & IAX2 VoIP phones and EXTender product portfolio enables your business to lead the IP migration cycle by changing the enterprise PBX buy cycle. A Citel deployment allows enterprises with any number of telephony configurations, plans, or budget limitations to deploy VoIP, including:

      • Enterprises planning to migrate to a premise-based IP PBX or Hosted IP service, but lacking budget for a “Pure VoIP” deployment – Citel offers an alternative to costly LAN assessment and upgrade, all new IP handsets, and retraining.
      • Distributed enterprises with investments in central PBX infrastructure and associated applications, where building a centralized, unified voice platform decreases costs and increases productivity.
      • Enterprises with multiple voice vendor platforms migrating to IP telephony, where consolidation to a single premise or Hosted IP platform enables next-generation features and applications, while leveraging existing PBX handset and wiring investments.
      • Enterprises early in the IP migration process, where technologies such as SIP trunking can be used as a foundation to improve business continuity and local presence at distributed locations, or where IAX2 can be used to simply add remote users.

Citel’s solutions fit into a broad range of industries, including local government, healthcare, retail, financial services, and more. And our breadth of products and services are designed to serve enterprises ranging from SMEs to complex multi-national enterprises.