Central Office Version of Portico TVA Meets Carrier Requirements

Our Central Office (“CO”) version of the Portico TVA has been on the market now for nearly two years and is beginning to gain a lot of traction. The CO version of the device, one that comes with the option of a 48vDC power supply, something found in most central offices, has enabled deployments to occur without the need for carriers to visit customer premises for installation. Centrex phones deployed up to 15,000 feet away can be SIP enabled without inconveniencing the end user or the installer for that matter.


As an interesting aside, we were asked by a specific carrier if a CO version was possible. Our Engineers advised me that it had not been done and more than likely would have been done initially if it had been at all practical. Being a non-engineering type, something that makes me more than dangerous asked for proof that it could not be done. I wanted confirmation that just because it had not been done it could not be done. Lo and behold our great group of Engineers made it work. Thanks, team!


When we had the product ready we approached the carrier who had put the idea in our head to see how we could go to market with them but sadly they weren’t in a position to proceed due to certain unrelated processes within their organization. I guess it is their loss as their competitors have taken advantage of a leg up when dealing with VoIP migration, especially where upending everything in a CO set up is not the effective way to proceed.

With the TVA incorporated into a deployment, nothing has to change at the customer premise, simply the backbone of the system is updated to VoIP. Ask the carriers who have the units deployed if they would agree. Contact us at sales@citel.com to learn more.