How do I give my organization all the benefits
of VoIP without purchasing new IP phones?




Migrate to VoIP utilizing existing digital (PBX), P phone (Centrex), or analog handsets and existing phone cabling. Advanced VoIP features including IVR and simultaneous ring are delivered to the handset, while features requiring a larger screen are accessed through a browser window.

Service Providers

Service Providers

Change the enterprise PBX buy cycle

• Eliminate the Objections
• Accelerated Revenue per User
• Avoid the LAN
• Build Real IP Migration Value


MCK Communications

Extend the features and functionality of a central PBX to remote office workers and road warriors. Leverage existing PBX infrastructure investments, centralize voice network administration, and enjoy dramatic monthly telecom savings with Citel's affordable, scalable EXTender/PBXgateway solutions.

Migrating to Voice Over IP. Not "If", but "When" and "How"

At some point in the near future, virtually all enterprises will utilise IP telephony in some capacity. For most organizations, however, the question of when and how to migrate to IP telephony remains. Citel can help provide the answers, as well as the tools, to migrate your business to VoIP within your timeframe and within your budget.

Upgrade to an IP PBX with Existing Handsets and LAN Wiring

Whether the PBX in place today is two years old or ten, your enterprise may have outgrown its functionality and capacity. To remain productive and competitive in the market, it may be time to upgrade to an IP PBX. That said, there is often still substantial life left in the PBX handsets and wiring infrastructure already in place.