VoIP Services Do Not Require Expensive Equipment

I try to stay abreast of what is happening in the industry (who doesn’t) and therefore subscribe to what seems like way too many newsletters many of which I can read for months without anything new popping up. I want to follow up on a number of the interesting articles over the next little while however one jumped out at me today and I thought many of you would find it of interest. A blog entitled Surprise! 8 Things You Didn’t Know About VoIP was posted on Toolbox.com (bit.ly/1JjPAof) a couple of weeks ago. It had a number of interesting points not least of which was that VoIP started back in 1974 using ARPANET when it was used to transfer a 16k packet encoded voice over IP for the first time. However the one thing that bothered me and showed we at Citel are not doing a good enough marketing job is their 4th point: VoIP Services Don’t Require Expensive Equipment. The writer was quite correct that some people don’t want to switch from legacy phone systems to VoIP based systems because they’re scared of the installation and hardware costs. I love the fact that they say this is an illogical fear as VoIP can be set up through the phone or phones that a person or company already has installed. With cloud-based VoIP, in fact, there’s often no installation at all. The best promotion for the Portico™ TVA™ I have seen in a while even though the writer did not mention us. I guess it is up to us to ensure that whenever people think about the high cost of a rip and replace solution they immediately think of Citel and our Portico™ TVA™ that makes a move to VoIP so quick and easy. By SIP enabling those existing phones using the Portico™ TVA™ you don’t need any extra expensive equipment or the training that goes along with it. Interesting concept!