Citel will provide support resources for your Portico™ TVA™, IP Phones, EXTender™/PBXgateway™, EDAC and Module EXTender including:

Product Installation Manuals
Troubleshooting Guides
Software and Firmware Downloads
Frequently Asked Questions
More info on supported PBX phones
And More
Citel offers these support resources for all products purchased through authorized channels. We do not provide these items for any product purchased in the “grey market”. We wish to ensure that customers get the support they expect when they purchase Citel’s products through authorized channels. Please complete a Technical Support Request and we will provide you the requested information as quickly as possible. Please note, there is a charge for Software and Firmware Downloads that meet the above criteria unless the item is still within warranty or an Extended Warranty contract is in place covering those products.

Should you not have access to the Internet to complete the Technical Support Request, please send an email to and include the following information in the body of the email:

First Name:

Last Name:


Contact Number:


Product / Part Number:

Serial Number for each product listed:

Document or Support Resource Requested: