BROAD-X: a nextgen OSS/BSS built for scalability & growth

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This series of Blog articles is setting out to introduce you to our next generational OSS/BSS solution, one we are confident will enhance customer satisfaction, give a platform to control costs, and accelerate service delivery and growth. BROAD-X is a fairly new OSS/BSS to the open marketplace. So what is different about it?

Citel developed BROAD-X hand-in-glove with a number of North American VoIP operators both large and not-so-large. We have used the strap line “developed by operators for operators” to put across the high level of user involvement in the development process. We’ve found that the commercial objectives (listed above) can only be delivered when certain underlying technical objectives have been met.

In the previous blog we stated this as:

If you look at Broad-X you will see that it is scalable – built for growth, highly configurable and transparent – all things required by BroadSoft users.

Fleshing these attributes out a little we have:

  • Scalability – essential in a growing market, and the closely related…
  • Built to foster growth – your business growth.
  • Configurability and adaptability – giving you business resilience and the capability to react to new unexpected new business requests.
  • Transparency – by this we mean giving you meaningful visualization of the complex data processing going on in your operations and billing processes. Allowing you detect, plan and react to changes, threats and opportunities that emerge.
  • Developed the system specifically for Broadsoft BroadWorks users.

So lets start looking at scalability.

BROAD-X addresses this on several levels. The VoIP operators we have worked with have needed a multi-tenant portal architecture. This means that you can setup a variety of multi-hierarchy organizations, from white label provider, reseller, multi-site enterprise through to single site operation.

X-Billing, the rating and billing service within BROAD-X is designed to support both large carriers and smaller operators, with a streamlined user interface giving appropriate views for users at different levels within a hierarchy. It allows multi-tenant pricing models to be defined, and flexibility in managing a reseller network.

X-Catalog – Is the multi-dimensional SKU/product catalog. It has the power to model various customers’ needs and preferences in bespoke product bundles. So you can streamline operations in offering identified customer-profiles just what they want.

We will cover some of the features we’ve included to drive customer and revenue growth further on in this series, but for now lets address some of the challenges that will present as the user base and its complexity grows.

Invoices can be generated and branded at whatever levels within the hierarchy you need. X-Billing can track account balances and payments, and can be interfaced with external accounting systems and indeed larger carriers may wish to integrate with one of the larger billing platforms used across fixed and cellular networks. We have experience with that.

Logistically, BROAD-X can be virtualized on your own servers, or hosted by us. The system is distributed and modular allowing for seemless upgrade.

In technology, BROAD-X meets out performance benchmarks utilizing advanced data structure server technology (NOSQL) in key areas, leveraging distributed & multi-threaded computing with big-data expertise. Platforms are Linux based, while multi-paradigm language Python gives flexibility and agility. Ease of compatibility has been assured by our REST architected APIs.

BROAD-X will facilitate, and indeed drive, your business growth, and have the scalability to manage the logistics of growth.

In the next blog we will be looking at Business Growth…