Features & Benefits

Portico™ Telephone VoIP Adapter (TVA™)

Key Features

Portico TVA is available in digital (PBX), P phone (Centrex), and analog compatible configurations. All integrate seamlessly with either an IP PBX or Hosted IP service provider to deliver IP telephony features and functionality to more than 100 legacy handset types over existing cabling.

Digital and P phone compatible Portico units are both available in 12- or 24-port configurations, and easily scale to the number of stations in the enterprise. All configurations can be equipped with one or two optional FXO ports, which allows both easy 911 access and call locating, and survivability in the case of WAN failure.

In addition, Portico supports compression standards G.729A/B and G.711 u/A law. The enterprise simply selects the best rate for its network (if available).

Key Benefits

Cost Savings

Migration costs with Portico are reduced by $150 – $500 or more per station compared to “rip and replace” deployments. In addition, Hosted IP service and IP PBX platforms can drastically reduce toll and long distance charges. At the same time, both add features to streamline operations and control costs, such as enhanced reporting and call control.


The Citel Portico TVA interoperates with leading IP PBX and Hosted IP platforms, and more than 100 handset types. It also easily scales with the growth of the enterprise: when new employees are added, simply utilize an available port or, when capacity is reached, add another Portico unit.

Increased Productivity

When deploying a Citel Portico, users will already be familiar with their handset – it’s the one already on their desk. Phones can either be programmed with the same or similar features from the legacy PBX, or updated with the latest VoIP features delivered by the IP PBX or Hosted IP service.

Just announced! Portico™ TVA™ is an E-Rate covered telecom product

Schools and libraries migrating to VoIP are often hindered by the exclusion of IP phones from E-Rate fund eligibility. Migrate with Portico TVA instead, and continue to use your existing digital, analog, or P phones, and existing cabling. For more information, contact a Citel representative.