Introducing Broad-X by Citel

Broad-X logo

You may have noted some changes to our web site over the past year or so. As the VoIP migration company we are constantly revising our business market to ensure we stay ahead of the market. As the market for our MCK product line starting to slow and as the market for the Portico™ TVA™ started to grow we knew we needed to stay ahead of the curve. With the skilled engineering team we had in place it only made sense to work to our strengths. To this end we got together with one of our partners and worked closely with them to develop a unique and forward thinking Operations Support System / Business Support System (OSS/BSS) to assist them with managing their business.

The Global OSS/BSS market is expected to reach USD48.54 billion by 2018 according to Transparency Market Research from USD17 billion in 2011. Citel intends to take a small portion of this market. We have developed a portal that is scalable, highly configurable and transparent. We have built the system for growth but unlike many of our competitors we have developed the system specifically for Broadsoft BroadWorks users. We have not attempted to be everything to everyone we have taken the needs of BroadWorks’ users and tailored something that will meet their needs specifically. Stay tuned for more information about this system being released as Broad-X by Citel.