Connect to a Hosted Service Provider

Let Someone Else Play Host

Hosted Web Site? Sure. Hosted Email? Absolutely. Why not Hosted Voice?

In many ways, making the strategic decision to move the enterprise voice platform off premise is not new. Centrex services have been available for years, although offering limited business functionality. But enterprises are generally comfortable with web hosting, email hosting, and other managed service hosting, such as VPN. Nevertheless, voice telephony has remained largely a premise-based platform in the enterprise.

That was until voice telephony simply became another application on a data network.

The Killer App, now Virtual

Voice is the killer app for enterprise productivity. And Hosted IP telephony offers ways to take advantage of it like never before.

Some of the benefits include: No ownership or maintenance of complex IP PBX hardware. Virtually limitless scalability. Enhanced applications to increase productivity and reduce costs. Full integration with mobile devices, laptops and desktops.

Express Check-in to Hosted IP

Citel enables the fastest path to Hosted IP telephony on the market. Rather than purchase or lease expensive new IP handsets, new LAN infrastructure, and new cable runs, enterprises can take advantage of the benefits of IP telephony with existing PBX handset, over existing wiring. Digital PBX handsets take on the features and functions of new IP handsets. In as little as one day, enterprises can be connected to a Hosted IP service provider, with only minimal equipment investment and little or no down time.

Citel’s Portico™ TVA™ connects digital PBX handsets directly to a Hosted IP provider via a broadband connection. And they scale from just a few users to thousands, at one location or many.

Hosted IP telephony gives IT staff more time to spend on real IT issues, enabling an enterprise to increase productivity and grow.