Broad-X by Citel – Why Adopt our OSS/BSS

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In our introductory blog on Broad-X (, we highlighted the main reasons companies should take a look at our Operations Support System / Business Support System (OSS/BSS) to assist with managing their voice business. We will take a look at each of those points separately but what we should do is provide a basic indication of what OSS/BSS is all about.




Prior to the 1970s, the majority of support activities at a telephone company including taking orders, maintaining network inventory, provisioning services, configuring network components, managing trouble tickets and collecting payments were performed manually. As computers started to pervade the business environment it became quite obvious that many of these activities could be replaced by computers. In the next few years, a number of computer systems and software applications were created to automate these activities, generating the term Operations Support Systems (OSS).

OSS are “network systems” dealing with the operational part of the communications’ network and supporting processes such as those detailed above.

Business Support Systems (BSS) is a term more recent in its derivation. It typically refers to “business systems” dealing with customers and support processes such as taking orders, processing bills, collecting payments, sales and marketing, supporting customer care agents in response to service requests, trouble reporting and billing inquiries, etc.

Together OSS and BSS are used to support various end-to-end telecommunication services and in our next blog we will detail why companies should be exploring the benefits of Broad-X by Citel.