Broad-X by Citel – Designed for BroadSoft

Broad-X logo

Over the years you have seen a multitude of products designed for a multitude of users. They do the job but leave a lot of users looking for more. How many remember Lotus 1-2-3 or WordPerfect? I am aging myself bringing those products up but they were designed for a specific purpose, spreadsheets for the former, word processing for the latter. They were great and compared to Excel and Word, well….. was there even a comparison to be had. However the latter were part of Microsoft and as everyone else used those products people had to migrate over. Lots of problems because Microsoft wanted to be everything to everyone. Now we are seeing more targeted products coming back as specific needs have to be met.

Business is still a lot like the 24 hours of LeMans automobile race. A multitude of different types of cars all competing in a free for all when they are really only competing against similar vehicles. Tough to follow and must be quite frustrating as a driver to be in a class of cars with power significantly below that of the top performing vehicles competing.

Citel decided, when developing Broad-X, to concentrate on a specific type of customer, one who has invested siginificant capital so as provide what is widely recognized to be the preeminent hosted IP offering in the marketplace. BroadSoft users have made a selection to offer their customers a hosted offering that targets specific customer needs. Citel determined to do the same. Working with a BroadSoft user, we have developed an OSS/BSS specifically designed to meet the needs of all BroadSoft users.

We do not want to be everything to everyone. We want to offer a product tailored to the specific needs of BroadSoft users. We did not want to offer a product that basically met the needs of every VoIP provider. Too many things get missed that way. There are too many collisions as in the LeMans between the needs of the different powered vehicles in the marketplace.

If you look at Broad-X you will see that it is scalable – built for growth, highly configurable and transparent –  all things required by BroadSoft users. Our next series of blogs will deal with each of these features individually.